The Parent’s Success System – Impact ADHD

Do you feel overwhelmed by the
thought of facing another school year
with your ADD/ADHD child?

What if...
You found a solution that is not just another quick fix??

What if...
This school year, you learned to help your child gain new skills and become a motivated student, rather than telling him what to do and then getting frustrated when it doesn’t get done?!?

And what if...
You could do it all with guidance and accountability, without feeling judged, or alone ... anymore??

Seriously, what if you actually gained confidence in your parenting,
from the comfort of your home or office?!

School-year stress affects everyone in the family.

We’re here to tell you that THERE IS a clear path to your child’s success, and it starts with you!
We are parents of 6 “complex” kids who have ADD/ADHD and other challenges. We’ve lived through the parenting panic that happens as summer comes to a close and the expectations of school start to rise. School-year stress affects everyone in the family.

We’ve been there…

  • In the morning, when getting your child from the pillow to the bus stop is enough to make you want to stay in bed and never get up.
  • After school, when completing a simple 10 minute homework assignment feels more like moving a mountain, or
  • Anytime, when yelling seems to be the only way you can get your child to get something done!

We’ve struggled with it ourselves, knowing we needed guidance, trying to figure out how to support our children, and really not sure where to turn for help.


But imagine what life would be like if...

  • your son was actually motivated to turn his schoolwork in when it was due;
  • your daughter’s behavior was genuinely respectful, and she turned to you for help with her problems, instead of taking them out on you;
  • you had the tools to teach your child how to manage his or her ADD/ADHD while there’s still time!

The ImpactADHD® Parenting Success System provides a clear path for parents to navigate the school year with support and guidance – something we WISHED was there for us long ago. While your children are learning Math and English, you’ll get personalized tools and strategies to help support them on their way — and become the best parent possible for your complex kids.

Seriously, the Parent Success System is the secret to surviving the school year with SANITY!

In a coach-led parent group, on the phone, you’ll:

  • get tremendous help in the daily management of your child’s challenges
  • hear what works for other parents and get new ideas from your coach
  • develop a skill set of targeted strategies to use for specific situations

"I was pretty lost and hopeless about my daughter, my family and our future, until I found ImpactADHD. Elaine and Diane have given me so many tools to help manage the ups & downs of raising a child with ADD, but more importantly they have taught me to be a more confident, compassionate (and tolerant) Mom to a child whose needs are far from simple. I know that I feel better, and more importantly, through their coaching, they have assured that my daughter will have a bright future, all the while being EXACTLY who she was meant to be! Thanks you two!!"

JeanMarie W

Here’s the Bottom Line:

  • Whether your child is medicated for ADHD, or not, it’s not a magic pill for success. It takes SKILLS to learn to manage and master living with ADD/ADHD.

  • Learning strategies that work and connecting with other parents helps you feel calm and confident. You’ll know WHAT to do, and more importantly — HOW to do it.

  • When you have a group of parents and a coach on your team, you won’t feel avalanched by the challenges. Your path for supporting your child will become clear.

Now, you can get the help you’ve been praying for!In a small group that gives you the support you need, during the school year when you really need it most!

We struggled for years until we unlocked this secret to supporting our children...

The Coach-Approach to Parenting ADD/ADHD works!

Well, it’s NOT a secret anymore! We want you to learn from our experience. Because, in the end, no one will benefit more than your child!!

I’M READY to change my child’s life (and mine)!

"Finding ImpactADHD® was a tremendous help for my family early on after diagnosis. Joining the Parenting Success System totally completed the package. Having someone share tools for coping with parenting challenges, along with keeping me accountable to put them into practice, has been very helpful. It’s also very reassuring to hear that I’m not the only one experiencing challenges. ImpactADHD® fits our needs above and beyond what I could have ever imagined! Without it, I don’t know where we would be now."

- Jennifer B, Georgia

The Parent Success System is accessible, affordable and extremely effective. Get:

  • Two Group Calls per Month
  • Certified Coach-Led Instruction
  • Parenting Success Workbook
  • Access to the ImpactADHD® Audio Library
  • Access to recordings of all Group Calls
  • Connection with other Parents with Kids of Similar Age
  • Private access to Coaches Club online Forum for Parents

And our Clients Say you’ll REALLY get:

  • "Our home is more equipped and hopeful"
  • "Tremendous help with the day to day management"
  • "Excellent facilitation and coaching tips"
  • "Advise and support"
  • "Talk to someone without judgment"
  • "Education and peer group support"
  • "Accessible format to learn and grow"
  • "Comfort from other parents"
  • "Gain insight and experience, without judgment"
  • "How to communicate with my kids and teach them to communicate with me"

and our personal favorite

  • "Rediscover the joy of being my daughter’s mom"

The Parent Success System walks with you, step-by-step, through the school year. Every day, you’ll have a safe place to figure out what your family needs, and learn the tips & strategies, to respond to those needs! Twice a month, you have a group you can talk to, and an expert for guidance!

In those late afternoon moments when you’re looking for strength to make it through another night of homework hassles, you won’t be alone anymore. Here’s Cheryl’s story, taken from the private PSS parent’s forum (with her permission to share it, of course!). We can’t share all the amazing responses she received from other members, but trust us – she got serious Kudos from the group!

"I experienced an ADHD Homework dilemma tonight with my 11 year old daughter, but because of the ImpactAHD coaching, it went really well, much better than it would have several years ago. My 11yr old ADHD daughter really struggles with reading and writing (and executive functioning of course). Long story short, when she had two reports with failing grades (all because of executive function problems), instead of giving her a hard time for losing the papers and getting such a bad grade, I focused on the success and celebrated that (just like we talked about in ADHD group) - she did a lot of work doing that book report twice already! I congratulated her on all that effort and had empathy for her because she ended up doing the same book report THREE times! But such is the life with a kid with ADHD, right?

So for the third time with the book report, I sat down with her and talked over the plot, story lines, characters, etc. She knows it, she just can't articulate it well and write it down. She had a lot of writing to do but I employed techniques I've learned from ImpactADHD, like taking short breaks (to pet the dog) and then a longer break with some physical activity - she and I played badminton with a balloon which was fun! Then with a long stretch of writing ahead, I offered her a very small reward at the end but it was good motivation to do that hard writing.

So, in the end, I was never angry or frustrated with her; in fact, I felt like I was very supportive. I think she felt good about it all and she ended up doing a very decent job on the book report. I think this was a good learning experience for her too. So the skills that we have talked about in ImpactADHD are empathy, compassion, homework breaks, physical activity homework breaks, body doubling, motivational rewards, championing and celebrating, being curious, shifting expectations. It was good!"

We are parents, and we are coaches, and we’ve designed this System to bring you the strategies you need to improve your child’s life – now, and into the future. By taking away the questions and making sure you never feel alone again, you can focus on what your family really needs!

"Our recommendation to partner with Elaine and Diane at Impact ADHD couldn’t be stronger. We have gained confidence in parenting and advocating, learned real-life tools for handling challenging situations, road blocks and melt downs, and have acquired an “upgrade” to our parenting style - not only do we provide love and support as we did in the past, but now it is tailored to how our son can process it in his mind."
- Tabora B and Glenn B

Right now, we know you’re struggling with:


  • Meltdowns
  • Friends
  • Homework
  • Bedtime
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Defiance

Middle School

  • Disorganization
  • Awkward Stage
  • Harder School Work
  • Technology Concerns
  • Losing Things
  • Peer Pressure

High School

  • Snarky Attitude
  • Tardiness
  • Sleep Problems
  • Risky Behaviours
  • Driving
  • Planning for Future

Here’s the great news:

The Parent Success System can help you manage ALL of these struggles. You bring your challenges to your group call, and leave with new strategies and a personalized plan for action – EVERY time!

When we became coaches, we became much better parents, and we realized that the techniques we’d learned as coaches were making a HUGE difference for our own kids! So we decided we needed to teach other parents, just like you, how to use the skills that REALLY work for our complicated kids!

When we started ImpactADHD®, we struck a nerve. Parents from ALL OVER the world needed support – they clamored for tools, techniques, ANYTHING to help the situation at home and at school…. All they really wanted was to help their kids succeed!

With Parent Success System, you’ll have a solid support system:

  • You can connect with other parents online, 24/7
  • You can re-connect with the family you know is there– under all that stress and frustration!
  • You can get the help you need without busting your budget.

We’ve made the program affordable, and we even have a payment plan that’s really easy

Program runs for the 2014-15 School Year

We KNOW how expensive & exhausting it is to raise kids, especially when they have ADHD. That’s why we do everything we can to set you up for success, AND why we’re always adding more to make sure you’re getting the support you need – and a great value for your investment!

For less than $150 a month, you can reduce the stress in your home immeasurably! Learn to stay calm and set the tone, and practice new ways to approach homework and life struggles.

Now, if you’re like us, you’ve probably tried a lot of things to help your child, but it all feels like it’s still falling short.

"WHAT makes this different," we hear you ask?

All this sounds great, but why SHOULD you invest your time, energy and money into The Parent Success System?

Suzann says it better than we possibly could:

"Joining the ImpactADHD community has empowered me, validated me, and authenticated my desire to parent my ADHD child to the best of my ability. With the Parent Success System, I am now gratefully tapped into a community of parents and experts who understand and are making a difference in my life and my family’s life."

Suzann K


You may be thinking, "well it sounds like a good idea, but I'll never make the calls…who has the time?" You know, we get THAT one!

Heidi’s response:
"An amazing thing happens with coaching: I can barely manage to make the time to do it, but amazingly, it ends up creating more space in my life overall."

The program meets twice a month – just enough, but not too much. All calls are recorded, so when you can’t be there (and let’s be serious, there will always be times you have to miss a call – we’re parents, remember!?), you can listen to the calls on your own time.

With 2 hours a month, we can help you change your family dynamic for a lifetime!


Now let’s deal with the Elephant in the room. You might be thinking, “I can’t afford it!”

And now it’s time for a no BS moment– ADHD Parent to ADHD Parent. The truth is, you really can’t afford NOT to!

We’ve gone to great lengths to design a program that actually WORKS in the REAL world! We’ve kept it at a price that is less each month than a 50 minute private-pay therapy session!

You don’t have to suffer through the next school year like you have in the past, wringing your hands, dreading mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends, not knowing how to help your kid!

You CAN:

  • Have a trusted place to turn for help
  • Learn the skills you need
  • Get the results you want for your child, and your family

But we can only help if you take the plunge.

You can take all the free classes, and read all the free articles on the planet, but until you say,

"Yes, I’m ready to step up,"

When you make a commitment – to yourself, and to your family – THEN we can help you!

You are the parent in your family that can make a difference.

So, are you ready to make a real commitment?

Join the Parent Success System today, get the help you need now to set your child up for success in the future! Isn’t it time that you become the GREAT parent you really want to be!?

Here’s to thriving families!!

P.S. If you still aren’t sure that this is the right program for you or your family, send an email to and we will reach out to you. You wouldn’t still be reading this if you didn’t want to DO something. Let us help you figure out how we can help, so you can take the leap you really want to take for YOUR CHILD!

More from the Parents of PSS:

"I explained to my son that I am having to learn how to help him learn skills, rather than taking over and telling him what to do. As a person who sees something needs to be done and just does it, this is hard for me to remember to do. I was trying to help him see that we all struggle with things in life. I think we ended up having a really good discussion. He and I agreed it was worth every penny we are spending to learn these skills -- so THANK YOU."
- Sheri D

"Thank you for your support. More than the advice, it meant so much to know that someone was holding my hand through the day."
- Shira K

"Our son was diagnosed just 6 months ago with ADHD, at 13 years old. Immediately upon getting the diagnosis, we started researching what ADHD is about, how it affects our son and our family. We were happy to have found ImpactADHD, and after speaking with Elaine, we promptly signed up for coaching, so that we could learn to be equipped to take this journey and figure things out. While homework is an issue for my son and motivating him to do it is even more difficult, ImpactADHD is helping us as parents to work through homework and school issues. A year ago I did not know that the struggle of doing a project and getting it turned in is a big deal for a child with ADHD. ImpactADHD is helping us learn new ways to approach homework and life struggles, with the first step being that the parents need to stay calm and set the tone to move forward through the struggle."
- Marian S

"This week, I was thanking my husband for letting me do this program. I think we both have realized how important it was for me to get this kind of support!"
- Impact Mom

"I want to thank you very much for creating this program for us, and for providing coaching support calls. Being that you each have lived this from a parent perspective, and that you have become coaches for parents and are teaching parents how to support and coach our children, it is greatly refreshing. I am truly grateful."
- Shawna C

"ImpactADHD Coaching Group is a great way to share ideas, information, encouragement and support without needing to get in the car and go somewhere!"
- Gillian G

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