The Parent’s Success System – Impact ADHD

Hey Sanity School Grads!

Do you still feel overwhelmed about how to help your ADD/ADHD child?


Do you feel frustrated that even though you learned a lot in Sanity School, there is still so much more to go? Maybe you're having a hard time applying what you learned (and sticking with it)? Or maybe you're frustrated that you never quite finished the program, either because you couldn't find the time for it, or because it wasn't quite active enough to keep you engaged?

We have the solution for you!


What if... You had a structure that could help you put the coach-approach into action??

What if... In just two hours a month, you could work with a coach to tackle one problem at a time to help your child gain skills and find new motivations?!?

And what if... You could make all the changes you need, step by step, without feeling judged, or angry, or alone ... anymore??

THERE IS a clear path to your child’s success, and it starts with you! Disappointment affects everyone in a family in different ways. As you learned in Sanity School, it's within your reach to change the patterns that are stressing out the whole family!

The ImpactADHD® Parenting Success System provides a clear path for parents. You get personalized guidance on how to use tools and strategies to become the best parent possible for your complex kids. It's not just about learning the coach-approach -- it's getting coaching to implement what you've learned!

In a small, coach-led parent group, on the phone, you’ll:

  • identify your specific problems and get practical help in daily management
  • hear what works for other parents and get new ideas from your coach
  • develop a skill set of targeted strategies to use for specific situations

"I was pretty lost and hopeless about my daughter, my family and our future, until I found ImpactADHD. Elaine and Diane have given me so many tools to help manage the ups & downs of raising a child with ADD, but more importantly they have taught me to be a more confident, compassionate (and tolerant) Mom.  I know that I feel better, and more importantly, through their coaching, they have assured that my daughter will have a bright future, all the while being EXACTLY who she was meant to be! Thanks you two!!"

JeanMarie W


I’M READY to change my child’s life (and mine)!


"Finding ImpactADHD® was a tremendous help for my family. Joining the Parenting Success System totally completed the package. Having someone share tools for coping with parenting challenges, along with keeping me accountable to put them into practice, has been very helpful. It’s also very reassuring to hear that I’m not the only one experiencing challenges. ImpactADHD® fits our needs above and beyond what I could have ever imagined! Without it, I don’t know where we would be now."

- Jennifer B, Georgia


Your participation in Sanity School was a great foundation for parenting complex kids. The Parent Success System is the perfect next step - it's accessible, affordable and extremely effective. We walk with you, step-by-step, through the year, helping you figure out what your family needs, and figure out HOW to use what you've learned to respond to those needs! Twice a month, you have a group you can talk to, and an expert for guidance! The program includes:

  • Two Group Calls per Month (small groups) so you can connect with other parents going through similar challenges
  • Certified Coach-Led Instruction so you can personalize strategies to create change for your family
  • Parenting Success Workbook to help you record your personal experiences and action plan
  • Access to the ImpactADHD® Audio Library to listen to any previous recordings, expert webinars, or keep up with your group if you can't be there live
  • Private access to Coaches Club online Forum for Parents for ideas, connection, and support 24/7!

Here's what you can expect to get from it:

  • "Our home is more equipped and hopeful"
  • "Tremendous help with the day to day management"
  • "Advise and support"
  • "Accessible format to learn and grow"
  • "Comfort from other parents"
  • "Gain insight and experience, without judgment"
  • "How to communicate with my kids and teach them to communicate with me"
  • "Rediscover the joy of being my daughter’s mom" (personal favorite!)
We are parents, and we are coaches, and we’ve designed this System to put the principles of Sanity School into ACTION!

"Our recommendation to partner with Elaine and Diane at Impact ADHD couldn’t be stronger. We have gained confidence in parenting and advocating, learned real-life tools for handling challenging situations, road blocks and melt downs, and have acquired an “upgrade” to our parenting style - not only do we provide love and support as we did in the past, but now it is tailored to how our son can process it in his mind." - Tabora B and Glenn B

The Parent Success System provides a structured approach to help you manage ALL of your struggles. You bring your challenges to your group call, one by one (we'll help you with that part!), and you leave each call with new strategies and a personalized plan for action – EVERY time! This is not about gathering information, it's about figuring out WHAT to DO with the information you've got!

With the Parent Success System, you’ll have a solid support system, and get the help you need without busting your budget.

We’ve made sure the program is affordable, and we even have a payment plan that’s really easy. The program is available to the public for $147/month. But now, for members of Sanity School, we're inviting you to join the Parent Success System (PSS) for just $87/month for one year.

$147/month $87/Month for Members of Sanity School

We KNOW how expensive & exhausting it is to raise kids, especially when they have ADHD. You just finished Sanity School so you may be wondering if you have the energy to do something more. But that's WHY this is the time to take the next step -- to keep the momentum going. And that’s why we do everything we can to set you up for success, making sure you’re getting the support you need – and a great value for your investment!

For just $87 a month, you can reduce the stress in your home immeasurably! You'll get coaching about how to stay calm and set the tone, and practice new ways to approach homework and life struggles.

"Joining the ImpactADHD community has empowered me, validated me, and authenticated my desire to parent my ADHD child to the best of my ability. With the Parent Success System, I am now gratefully tapped into a community of parents and experts who understand and are making a difference in my life and my family’s life."

Suzann K


You may be thinking, "well it sounds like a good idea, but I'll never make the calls…who has the time?"

Heidi’s response: "An amazing thing happens with coaching: I can barely manage to make the time to do it, but amazingly, it ends up creating more space in my life overall."

Now let’s deal with the Elephant in the room. You might be thinking, “I can’t afford it!”

And now it’s time for a no BS moment– ADHD Parent to ADHD Parent. The truth is, you really can’t afford NOT to!

We’ve gone to great lengths to design a program that actually WORKS in the REAL world! We’ve kept it at a price that is less each month than a single 50-minute private-pay therapy session!

You don’t have to continue to suffer like you have in the past, wringing your hands, dreading mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends, not knowing how to help your kid!

You CAN:

  • Have a trusted place to get the coaching you need
  • Learn the skills that get results
  • Get the results you want for your child, and your family

You are the parent in your family who can make a difference.

So, are you ready to take your commitment to the next level?

Join the Parent Success System today, and set your child up for success for a lifetime! It's time to become the GREAT parent you really want to be!


Here’s to thriving families!!


P.S. If you still aren’t sure that this is the right program for you or your family, send an email to and let's talk. You wouldn’t still be reading this if you didn’t want to DO something. Let us help you figure out how we can help, so you can take the leap you really want to take for YOUR CHILD!


More from the Parents of PSS:

"I explained to my son that I am having to learn how to help him learn skills, rather than taking over and telling him what to do. As a person who sees something needs to be done and just does it, this is hard for me to remember to do. I was trying to help him see that we all struggle with things in life. I think we ended up having a really good discussion. He and I agreed it was worth every penny we are spending to learn these skills -- so THANK YOU." - Sheri D

"Our son was diagnosed just 6 months ago with ADHD, at 13 years old. Immediately upon getting the diagnosis, we started researching what ADHD is about, how it affects our son and our family. We were happy to have found ImpactADHD, and after speaking with Elaine, we promptly signed up for coaching, so that we could learn to be equipped to take this journey and figure things out. While homework is an issue for my son and motivating him to do it is even more difficult, ImpactADHD is helping us as parents to work through homework and school issues. A year ago I did not know that the struggle of doing a project and getting it turned in is a big deal for a child with ADHD. ImpactADHD is helping us learn new ways to approach homework and life struggles, with the first step being that the parents need to stay calm and set the tone to move forward through the struggle." - Marian S


"This week, I was thanking my husband for letting me do this program. I think we both have realized how important it was for me to get this kind of support!" - Impact Mom