Are you frustrated by the pressure of homework headaches?

Do you dread the impending battle with homework every night?

Are you tired of watching your smart child struggle and feel like a failure?

Are you ready to end the chaos!?
What if you could relieve the stress and handle homework headaches? Surviving homework is all about providing the support and structures your kid needs to stay on track!
You're Not Alone Just like you, we are parents of kids who struggle with school. Learning to support our kids effectively made school life easier for them, and home life a lot less stressful for us! And you can do it, too!
We've been there!
  • Emailing teachers late at night when the work's not done
  • Bringing forgotten items to school
  • Dreading the chaos that will come home at 3pm
  • Watching 10 minutes of homework become 2 hours of suffering
  • Spending hours hovering, checking, handholding
  • Helping with homework instead of making dinner
  • Craving sleep - for everyone!
  • Dreading the next "home project" assignment

With support and training from ImpactADHD®, I don’t struggle with homework issues at all like I used to! My 9th grade son has risen to the demand that he independently do his homework, and my husband and I have learned to mirror his success, so that he sees how well he has done. It is a huge accomplishment that he is doing his homework and getting decent grades in school. It has given him self-confidence to be with his peer group, and to be involved in school activities.

I have also learned to empower my son. Now I ask him how he plans to handle (whatever is on his agenda), instead of tell him what it is he has to do. For example, "What is your homework plan tonight?" or "How are you going to remind yourself to start your chores?" I've also learned to remain calm in difficult times, especially if he is upset, and not let myself get triggered by the things he's saying (e.g. when he makes excuses or blames the teachers for an assignment incorrectly done). I focus on helping him find possible solutions to the problem, and even recently he advocated for himself with his teacher after mistakenly using research paper book sources that were not approved by her.

Lana N, NJ

We feel your pain.

With training and coaching, we learned to de-stress homework time in our homes. And we gotta be honest -- we didn’t think that was ever going to be possible!

The Homework Headaches
home-study course to the rescue!
Imagine if you could...
  • learn new strategies to empower productivity
  • support your kids without doing it for them
  • understand how to motivate your kids to their own success
  • feel supported and guided with a structured program
  • bring confidence and success to your family!

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It’s not easy to help kids get through school if it’s a struggle for them, and it takes extra resources and effort from parents! Homework Headaches reduces the pressure -- and replaces it with something that actually helps.

“My husband and I are really benefitting from ImpactADHD®’s Parent Academy. Just listening to the videos really helps us, especially the video about shifting expectations. The questions themselves are great, and it’s also great that we can go at our own pace.”

Christina A, NJ

Here's the bottom line:
  • You WANT your kids to succeed at school
  • You WANT them to get an education that will help them become independent as adults, and
  • You DON’T want them lost in 20 years, living in your basement because they don’t have the skills to support themselves

Studies show that Parent Training significantly improves outcomes for children with ADHD. Homework Headaches was designed specifically for PARENTS of kids with ADHD and related school challenges, because you are the missing link to your child’s success.

Here’s the best part! “Homework Headaches” is an online course, available 24/7, so you can go at your own pace and learn how to support your kids – right away. The program combines training and coaching, exercises and strategies, and includes monthly access to an ImpactADHD® Coach.

“ImpactADHD®’s Parent Academy is brilliant. The content is strong and just what parents need to know. There’s a lot of great information, and it’s broken down into small enough chunks that it’s easy to use. The format that the material is delivered is also excellent, especially compared to other programs I’ve tried. From an online user experience, it’s straight-forward, very well done and easy to do in short segments and come back to it later. I don’t think you could make it any more simple. Overall, the program is just brilliant! ”

Cynthia C, London, England

“I accessed the Parent Academy on my iPad, and then linked to the living room TV. The video plays beautifully, and I can move forward through the course and answer the questions on my iPad, rather than hunched over a computer screen. My husband and I can watch these while sitting on the couch, where we are most comfortable making big decisions and having our discussions. Sound quality and picture quality was excellent, too.”

Michelle S, Nebraska

I’M READY to calm the homework chaos!

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You don’t have to face the daily struggles by yourself, anymore. You’ve got two moms in your corner who have been-there-done-that and created a course to help you -- because no parent should have to struggle through these challenges alone!

Between the two of us, we have six kids and two spouses with ADHD, plus a bunch of other “issues” like Anxiety, Depression, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and other learning disabilities.
We TOTALLY get it!

We can’t even begin to count how many times homework turned into a source of chaos and frustration. The good news is that as we learned to support our kids with the skills we learned as coaches, it made school life easier for them, and home life a lot less stressful for us! And we’re excited to share those tricks with you.

We’ve designed Homework Headaches to bring you the strategies you need to improve the quality of life for your whole family. In just a few short lessons, we guide you on a path from feeling frustrated and frantic - to calm and confident.

When we started ImpactADHD®, it didn’t take long to realize we’d struck a nerve. Parents from ALL OVER the world were clamoring for support – tools, techniques, GUIDANCE to help their kids succeed!

So we pledged to meet parents where you are – regardless of how long you’ve been struggling with ADHD, or where you live, or how much you can afford to pay. You deserve to get the support YOU need to help your child reach his or her potential – even in school!

EVERY parent deserves to have support while raising ADHD children. Frankly, every ADHD child deserves parents who have the skills to help them thrive!

With the Homework Headaches Home-Study Program you get:

  • Hours of expert training to help you Manage your ADHD child ($1000 Value)
  • More than 200 Easy to Use Strategies, Tips & Exercises that you can use right away! ($500 Value, but how do you really put a value on that?)
    • Strategies give you a clear plan for action
    • Exercises help you put into practice what you learn
  • Coaching questions to focus on your unique family needs
  • Dozens of Expert articles dealing with just about everything you as a parent need to know to manage school-related challenges ($160 value)
  • Monthly Coaching Call with an ImpactADHD® Coach ($200/month value)
    • get your questions answered
    • work through any challenges you are having
    • keep you moving forward
  • Several handy-dandy “cheat-sheets” and print-outs you can use quickly when you’re trying to figure out how to help or what to do (PRICELESS!)
  • Plus, don’t forget, Homework Headaches is designed to be:
    • ACCESSIBLE: You can access your classes online, 24/7, when YOU have the time!
    • AFFORDABLE: Payment plans make it really easy to get the support you need without busting your budget
    • EFFECTIVE: Designed by educators who are coaches and parents, the lessons are broken down into small sections that are straight forward & easy to use

“I am thankful for the solid resources I get from ImpactADHD®! You lead the way for others to follow in terms of educating and empowering parents and families.”

Tami F, FL

“I explained to my son that Impact ADHD is helping me learn how to help him learn skills, rather than taking over and telling him what to do. As a person who sees something needs to be done and just does it, this is hard for me to remember to do. I was trying to help him see that we all struggle with things in life. I think we ended up having a really good discussion. He and I agreed it was worth every penny we are spending to learn these skills - so THANK YOU.”

Sheri D, GA

"Thanks to ImpactADHD®, we have learned so many actionable and positive strategies to reduce the stress around homework, from the simple step of a jumping jack break to get the wiggles out and activate the brain, to the more holistic process of co-creating a homework routine that allowed my son to feel both successful and in control."

Christa R. CA

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We believe in giving excellent value at ImpactADHD®. We can’t help ourselves – we KNOW how expensive it is to raise kids, especially when they have ADHD. And we know that parents need to get a solid benefit out of the investments we make when it comes to our kids. No matter how extensive our programs, we’re always adding more to make sure you’re getting the value you deserve, and the support you need.
So, in addition to the
Homework Headaches Program,
for a limited time you will also receive a
“ADHD Basics”
including a one-hour expert tele-class on
Executive Function
Here’s what one of our veteran clients has to say:

"You guys have made such an impact in our lives and empowered our parenting. Thank you! When frustration surfaced with homework, I was able to communicate a heads up to the math teacher and she generously responded with patience and a tactical shift, now that she understood what was going on. I also found a calming, grabbing motivator that changed everything and gave my daughter the patience to slowly and carefully persist when that beautiful and amazing Ferrari brain was being thrown into information overload. Thank you Impact ADHD for empowering me so that I can empower my superstar! You are amazing!"

Michelle S, Nebraska

And here’s what one of our newest clients has to say:

"While homework is an issue for my son, and motivating him to do it is even more difficult, ImpactADHD® is helping us as parents work through homework and school issues. The struggle of doing a project and getting it turned in is a big deal for a child with ADHD. I did not understand this before. ImpactADHD® is helping us learn new ways to approach homework and life struggles. We’ve learned to stay calm, set the tone to move forward through the struggle, celebrate the process and not be as concerned about the end product."

Marian S, GA

We know you’ve dreamt about stress-free evenings without the chaos of homework. The reality is that you’ve probably spent hours hovering, checking, and handholding, as your kids tried to do a “standard” amount of homework. Or maybe, you’ve washed your hands, almost given up trying to help your child succeed at school. Either way – you’re not alone, and we’ve been there, too!

Let’s face it, our kids face challenges that other students don’t, like losing focus easily and procrastination. They need us to provide support and structures to stay on track – but sometimes, that’s easier said than done!

We want you to take advantage of this program, because we want you to learn from our experiences. We’ve done it for our families, and we can help you do it for yours!

No Ifs, Ands or Buts…

If you’re like us, you’ve probably tried a lot of things, and nothing seems to work quite well enough. So what makes this different? Why SHOULD you invest your time, energy and money into Homework Headaches?

“Well it sounds great, but I don’t have the time.” TELL us about it! This course is designed in sections to let you do little bit at a time, even in your PJs if you want. You have unlimited access 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. If you have 30 minutes a week for a month, we can help you change your family dynamic for a lifetime!
“I can’t afford it!” Let’s deal with the Elephant in the room. We’ve gone to great lengths to design a program that actually WORKS in the REAL world! And we’ve kept it at a price that is less than a single 90 minute private-pay therapy session. You can pay over 3 months and keep the cost to less than one night out with your family! And if this still isn’t good enough and you want to do the program – let us know, and we’ll work with you!
“What if it Doesn’t Work?” You know what you’ve got to lose if you’re not successful. That’s what keeps you up at night, and spawns panic attacks every time you prepare for the 3pm homework struggles. But do you know what you have to gain? We are so confident that the Homework Headaches Program will help you make homework more productive and calm – quickly – that we offer a money back guarantee.

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"I experienced an ADHD Homework Dilemma tonight, but because of ImpactADHD®, it went really well, much better than it would have just a year ago.

My 11yr old ADHD daughter really struggles with reading and writing and has a very hard time getting her thoughts down on paper. When she was assigned a book report, she did it and then promptly lost it. So she did another one, and got a failing grade on it because she wrote very brief answers and even said "I don't know" on one of the questions.

Instead of giving her a hard time for losing the papers and getting such a bad grade, I focused on the success and celebrated that she did a lot of work doing that book report twice already!

For the third time with the book report, I sat down with her and talked over the plot, story lines, characters, etc. She knows it, she just can't articulate it well. She had a lot of writing to do, but I employed techniques I've learned like taking short breaks (to pet the dog) and then a longer break with some physical activity - she and I played badminton with a balloon which was fun! Then with a long stretch of writing ahead, I offered her a very small reward at the end -- but it was good motivation to do that hard writing.

I congratulated her on all that effort and had empathy for her because she ended up doing the same book report THREE times!

So, in the end, I was never angry or frustrated with her; in fact, I felt like I was very supportive. I think she felt good about it all and she ended up doing a decent job on the book report. I used the skills that I learned from ImpactADHD® like empathy, compassion, homework breaks, physical activity homework breaks, body doubling, motivational rewards, championing and celebrating, being curious, shifting expectations. It was good!

Of course, she came home after school the next day and I found the paper still in her backpack. She forgot to turn it in!!!!!! Arrrgghhh! It’s getting better, for sure, but such is the life with a kid with ADHD, right?"

Cheryl, MD

Homework chaos dramatically impacts the whole family! It doesn’t have to be that way! You can learn the skills you need. And we can help. But we can only help if you take the plunge, make a commitment to yourself and your family, and buy Homework Headaches today.

Reducing school stress is all about understanding HOW to provide the support and structures your kid needs to stay on track!
We’re committed to giving you the tools you need to change your child’s life.

Are you ready to commit to making the
changes your family needs?

Get Homework Headaches!

If you have questions or are unsure if this is the right program for you and your child, e-mail  or schedule a time to talk with one of our experts.