Diane Dempster is a self-described corporate dropout. She left the corporate world in 2008, when she realized that her career in the field of health care was not adequately fulfilling her lifelong passion to help others and make a difference in their lives. In her leadership roles, she most enjoyed empowering individuals and helping teams make positive changes while moving towards their goals. When considering the next steps on her career journey, Diane chose coaching, where she could connect with her passion and purpose — full-time.

Diane’s Expert Advice

Parenting ADHD has its challenges. Diane’s helpful ADHD articles, tips and tricks, and videos can help turn the chaos into calm.

ADHD Advice

After earning her coaching certification, Diane founded Inner Progress Coaching, a practice designed to help professionals discover or rediscover their own passions, reduce stress, give more at work and at home, and refocus on what is important to them. Diane also worked with families who wanted to live more harmonious, happy lives, and needed tools and strategies to make positive changes together.

Diane discovered that when she became a coach, she became a much better parent – especially when it came to managing ADHD in her family. With coaching she found the solutions she needed to build a supportive environment for her children, and reconnect with the joy of parenting. The idea of helping parents who were just like her, who wanted to help their kids in a way that was productive and supportive, and who were struggling and alone, resonated with Diane. Parents of ADHD kids often feel like life is out of control. They have tried everything; nothing is working; and nerves, and hope, are frayed.

When Diane met Elaine Taylor-Klaus at a CHADD conference in 2010, they joined forces and established ImpactADHD — the first virtual coaching & training resource dedicated specifically to supporting the parents of children with ADHD. It was an idea whose time had come. Within a few months, ImpactADHD was awarded “Innovative Program” status by CHADD.

Through ImpactADHD, Diane helps parents access the best resources, training, and coaching so they, too, can find their answers. An experienced leader, an expert in change management, and holder of a wonderful basket of tools, Diane helps clients create deep, sustaining change and open their eyes to life. And no one needs this more than parents of kids with ADHD.

As co-founder of ImpactADHD, Diane is passionate about helping parents have that “aha” moment when they realize not only that they can make a difference, but that it can be the biggest difference in their kids’ lives.

Diane has lived this every day. She has struggled with challenging behaviors, chaos, frustration, and feelings of helplessness. But she also knows what it takes to lead a business, a family, a life, and to motivate people. We need to motivate our kids and our families to move forward together. ImpactADHD is a way of sharing Diane’s tools, strategies, and experiences with other parents, and helping them achieve a more peaceful, happy ADHD home.

Diane has a BA in Biology/Human Services from Albion College and a Masters’ Degree in Healthcare Administration from the University of Michigan. She held several leadership positions within Kaiser Permanente before turning her focus to coaching. Diane is certified by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and credentialed by the International Coach Federation. In addition, she is a certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner and Reiki Master.

Diane is committed to living a balanced and conscious life. In addition to coaching, she finds time to indulge in her love of the outdoors, music, pottery, yoga, cooking, and spending time with her family and dogs.